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Rain on Your Wedding Day?

What do one of the biggest outdoor wedding stressors and a lyric from an Alanis Morissette song have in common? You guessed it, rain on your wedding day.

A common question we receive from our couples is what we do for photos if there is rain on their wedding day. Rob and I joke that we are good luck charms against rain because in four years of doing wedding photography it has only rained for us twice during a wedding. But nonetheless, we are prepared for it if it does.

Rain on your wedding day rarely means rain your entire wedding day. We can work around the rain doing indoor portraits during the heaviest portions of the storm. We have all of the flash gear needed to set up beautifully lit portraits indoors if needed, including a soft box which is great for flash photography portraits.

We will plan your portraits for when there's a break in the rain. When it's rainy, that usually means that the sky is cloudy. This means soft, even light that is easy on the eyes, less blinking and shadows for all of your group photos. These clouds can create epic skies for unique portraits and often epic sunsets! And don't forget what else comes with rain... rainbows! You can bet if there's a rainbow in the sky, we will be using it in your portraits!

For the adventurous couple we will take you outside and light up the rain for some portraits! When it comes to the going outside while it's sprinkling or raining, we take our cues from our couples, so it's totally up to you how wet you want to get. We bring with us clear umbrellas that are great for photography and are always up for an adventure in the weather to get some cool photos.

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