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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do both of you always photograph together?

We do! We tried doing separate events in the past and found that we prefer to work as a team. On occasion we will schedule a session with just one of us, but you would know at the time of booking. In the event that one of us is sick, we will find a second photographer to assist at your event.

What do we do if we have bad weather for our event?

We work with you on a solution when we have inclement weather on your day. Often we can tweak the timeline to make something work. If you are up for going out for photos in the rain or snow, we bring clear umbrellas which look great for creative photos. 

Are you proficient in flash photography?

We have taken workshops in creative lighting and are confident in our flash skills. We can make art in any lighting. We know how to set up our flashes for reception lighting and frequently do night photos with our clients to end the night.


What is your editing style?

We edit our colors as true to life as possible so that your colors look like they did on your day. We edit them in a vibrant and bold style to make them jump off of the page. 

Do you offer retouching or airbrushing services?

Generally we do not. We will clean up acne, scratches or bruises when possible. Our rule of thumb is, if it is something permanent we leave it alone. We want your photos to capture you as you are!

What type of equipment do you use?

We use Canon EOS R6 mirrorless cameras with Godox flashes.

How do I begin the booking process?

After having a call with us, we will draw up a contract. Once this is signed by both parties and your reservation payment has been received, your event is booked!

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Venmo, check or credit card.

Can I make a payment plan?

Yes, we will absolutely work with you to create a payment plan that works for you.

Are you insured?

Yes, we can provide proof of insurance if your venue requires it.

What is your turn around time for your images?

Our turnaround window is specified in your contract. For weddings, we usually estimate one week per hour of photographing. We may add time to that if your session is during our busy season. For an hour session, our turnaround time is one week.

How do you deliver my images?

We deliver them in an online gallery. This link can be used to share your images, download them and order both prints and albums.

Can I order prints or albums through you?

We love to help our clients design heirloom albums that will become a family treasure. You select the images and we will design the album with unlimited edits to make sure it is perfect. We can also assist in ordering traditional prints, canvases and metal prints for high quality wall art.

How long is my online gallery available online?

We guarantee that your gallery will stay online for a three month minimum for easy ordering, sharing and downloading. After the three month mark, we keep them online as long as we have the storage space available, so they are usually up longer than that.

What rights do I have to the photos?

You will receive media rights to your photos. This means that you can print them and share them on social media to your hearts desire. We always appreciate a tag, but it is not required. We retain the copyright to the images and post select images to our social media and website.

How do you back up your images?

Our cameras have duel memory card slots, so if there is an issue with a memory card, we have a back up from the start. If we are traveling to your wedding via plane, we separate the cards on the trip in case anything happens. Once we are home we store them on two different hard drives. One of these is kept in a fire safe. Your images are then uploaded online as one more secure location. 

Do you carry backup equipment?

We bring 3 cameras and 4 lenses to your event. We also bring multiple memory cards and batteries to ensure that we have everything we need even in any situation.

What happens if you are unable to photograph our wedding?

In the event that we are both unable to photograph your wedding, we will find alternate photographers who will come in our place. After your event, they will give the images to us and we will edit them in our style. This hasn't happened to us yet, but we have plans in place just to be prepared.

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