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Benefits of Having a First Look Before Your Wedding

One of the most common discussions we have with our clients while planning out their timeline is whether or not to have a first look. A lot of people are torn between following tradition verses the convenience of having a first look. We love capturing both types of moments, there are big emotions going on either way! We personally did a first look for our wedding and wanted to share some of the benefits of doing so, to help our clients in their decision making.

1). A first look allows you to have a moment that is just between the two of you before you say "I do".

- Moments where you are alone with your partner on your wedding day are rare.

It's wonderful to be surrounded & supported by your loved ones on your day, but it is also nice to have a moment alone together while you can. Immediately after a first look is also a convenient time to state private vows.

- It can help with pre-wedding jitters.

It is normal to feel some stress, nerves and/or pre-wedding jitters during the getting ready portion of the morning. Once our couples are together for their first look, usually the peace sets in. Who better to calm your nerves on your wedding day than the love of your life?

- There's no rush on the moment.

We also like that you can take in each other without feeling rushed to start the ceremony. Give your partner a spin, and take in their entire apparel. Once you are in place, we capture the moment without directing you and wait until you have completed your moment and look to us for what happens next.

2). A first look allows you to attend your cocktail hour.

- Complete your family portraits before.

When our clients decide to do a first look, we encourage them to schedule family portraits before the ceremony. This way after the ceremony, you are free to visit with family & friends, enjoy the appetizers and bask in being married!

- There is less stress to rush eating dinner to go and visit.

Because you have already visited with your guests during cocktail hour, you don't need to scramble to eat so that you can go and greet them.

3). Walking down the aisle is still an emotional moment even with a first look.

The most common concern about doing a first look, is that it will take away from the special moment of walking down the aisle. (That was my main concern when I was planning our wedding!) We did not find this to be true at all and neither do our couples! Rob actually cried when Lindsey walked down the aisle, but not during our first look. We've seen many couple experience the same. Even though you have seen each other prior to the ceremony, you are still walking down the aisle towards your future spouse, ready to declare your love for one another in front of all of your family & friends. A first look doesn't take away the emotion from experience.

I hope this helps you in your decision making! I couldn't finish an article about first looks without sharing my favorite photo of our own first look. (Photo by Mille Fleur Photo)

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