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Marquette Michigan Elopement Photo Location Guide

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Marquette, Michigan is filled with such diverse, beautiful places to visit. The pristine waters of Lake Superior are never far away and the hiking trails can make you feels miles away from civilization. There are so many wonderful location options for adventurous couples, that we are commonly asked for our advice on where to take photos for intimate elopements. Here is a list of some of our favorite places.

This is the most common location people select to read their vows and with good reason. The beach of this cove is covered in smooth stones and is protected by the cliffs of Black Rocks. You can get up to the cliffs with relative ease and have unhindered views of Lake Superior. There are wooded trails to add even more diversity to the location. It's a perfect spot for a couple who loves the outdoors and Lake Superior.

Tip: Sunset Point is just down the road and makes for a scenic spot to catch the sunset after saying your vows.

There are two break walls in Marquette and both accessible to walk on and have gorgeous views. We personally love the one that shelters the downtown harbor as it offers a great view of downtown Marquette and the iconic Ore Dock. It is important to note, that it is only safe to walk on the break wall in good weather and there should be an alternate location planned in the event of a storm.

This bright red Lighthouse is an iconic landmark of Marquette. If you are eloping in the spring/ early summer there are gorgeous lilac bushes that bloom all around the lighthouse filling the air with their aroma. You can explore the rocky shores around the lighthouse or take photos on the beach with it in the background.

Tip: If you want to walk on the catwalk you need to get tickets through the Maritime Museum.

This drivable outlook is perfect for the couple who wants a view without the hike! The Mount Marquette overlook is a rocky cliff that views the entire city of Marquette. In springtime there are beautiful white wildflowers and in the fall it has a stunning view of the foliage.

This is another good option for the couple looking to fit in a little hiking on their wedding day. This trail follows the shoreline of Lake Superior. It has a couple of different beaches along the way which are great photo opportunities. This is a good option for the couple who wants beach photos on a popular summer day when the main beaches are full of swimmers.

Tip: The trail conditions can vary on these paths, so it's a good idea to scope out the trail conditions in advance.

While this is not a place where you could easily say your vows, if you love the city, you should plan to spend a little time on Washington and Front Street getting photos in scenic downtown. You can get a classic picture kissing underneath the Delft sign or at the Lower Harbor. There is also the unique Ore Dock that captures the town's mining history. Fun fact: Lindsey's college job was working at the Delft when it was a movie theater, slinging popcorn and selling tickets.

Tip: If you do these photos once it's dark, the sign will be lit up which is perfect for creative portraits!

This trail features a series of 3 waterfalls: Hope's Falls, Dead River Falls & Upper Dead River Falls. Don't let the downer names fool you, these waterfalls are beautiful. The trail is a there-and-back path totaling 1.5 miles. Depending how adventurous you are you can climb out on different rocks or even wade into the river - please be mindful of the current. (It's warmer than Lake Superior, but still cold!).

Tip: Depending on water levels you may have to cross shallow streams with logs placed across, so be prepared for this with the footwear that you select.

This is a great location for those who want to do a little hiking in their wedding attire. There are two trails, an easy and a 'difficult' option. The difficult option is steeper with more steps while the easy trail takes a more gradual slope up to the top. The difficult trail takes about 15 minutes to hike up, but don't worry, there are lots of photo opportunities on the way! Once at the top there are 360 views of Lake Superior, Marquette and the surrounding forest.

As your elopement photographers, we are happy to help you figure out when and where to go to make your day custom and perfect to you! If you have a place you want to go that's not on this list, we will be happy to scope it out! We are up for any adventure! We love that our couples are making their wedding day theirs by doing whatever makes them happy! Hiking, kayaking, swimming in Lake Superior, star gazing, we are here to capture each moment! If you aren't booked with us, don't hesitate to reach out!

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