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Engagement Session Style Guide

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

What you want to wear for your engagement photos is ultimately up to you. We want you to wear what makes you happy! If you feel confident and comfortable in your outfits, that's going to translate to your photos and vice versa. That being said, there are certain things that you can do when selecting your wardrobe that can make your pictures look even better.

Background & Colors: Consider your background. Will it be in the forest, on the coast, in a city? Try to pick a contrasting color so that you stand out against the background. Avoid neon and bright colors. These colors can be distracting in a picture and often reflect those hues onto your skin tone in the photos.

Matching: Sometimes when people try to match their clothing colors, they end up with colors that are really close in color to each other instead. These colors can clash rather than match. That's why we suggest choosing colors and tones that complement, rather than match.

Patterns: We recommend that you stay away from bright and bold patterns. Similar to neon colors, these can be distracting from your beautiful faces and the emotions we are capturing on them. They are also more likely to clash with the backgrounds in them. Avoid shirts with large text or logos unless they have a special meaning to the you.

Accessories: Don't be afraid to bring along some fun accessories. A sunhat, bright heels, a beautiful scarf or anything that adds a pop of flair can be a good addition to the session and add to the unique quality of your photos. You may also want to bring a neutral color blanket that can be set on the ground to protect your clothes during sitting photos.

Think Motion: We love to work with long and flowy dresses, kimonos, scarves or any other clothing or accessories that can be used to create motion.

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